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Advice to beginners

To complete one of the main regular running sessions you need to be able to run continuously for one hour.

5k Klub is more casual and will alternate with walking if anyone cannot run continuously for 50 minutes. Although the intention is, eventually, to work up to being able to run a full 5k without stopping. Ambitious 5kk'ers move up to joining the full sessions in due course.

A good idea is to join the walking group (they walk fast) and jog/walk with them for a few sessions. And/Or take part in Thurrock Parkrun, Orsett Heath which starts 9.00am every Saturday. There is no pressure in Parkrun, participants can walk the entire 5k if they want to.

If you want to follow a training schedule to improve your endurance, we suggest one of the following:-

1. Get-Started Schedule - Beginners

Or for accelarated progress:-

2. Get-Started Schedule - Midrange

If you do want to join one of our sessions we always reccomend that you contact us first via