Nomads X-Country Handicap

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Newcomer to the race, Dave Sadar stormed through to take the Walkers Trophy A good turn out of new members experiencing the joy of cross country for the first time. Derek Staton has played a very long game, for 10 years his running in this event has been totally crap, hoping for an easy handicap the following year. Well it finally worked, the Handicapper took pity on him, eased his handicap and Derek pounced, raising his performance up two gears and leaving the second placed runner four minutes behind. Make the most of it Derek, the Handicapper is never fooled twice.


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More 2007 Pictures

Joe receives the Walkers (not a misprint) Trophy after a stunning performance.

Alex receives the Runnning Trophy after cutting 1min28secs off his last years time. Derek and Fergie applaud while Linda and Toni pray that it wil be their turn to win next year.


After adjustments for cheating a worthy winner emerged and was rewarded with a glittering solid gold trophy

Many thanks to Tina for turning up to do the timekeeping while injured. Thanks also to all those who turned up to run. Remember next year, it could be you...

Ceri actually looks pleased as she receives the trophy

The glittering prize

Dennis strode ahead of the walking contingent aided by his poles

Bedraggled finishers waiting for the results to be 'stitched-up'


As a result of sponsorship arranged by the Nomads Commercial Manager this exquisite 24 carat gold trophy has been hand crafted by Faberge of St. Petersburg. Our thanks to the generosity of the local refuse disposal company, Sh1tAway plc. Spokesman Dustin Bin said “Our Company eats, breathes and sleeps rubbish. It is very appropriate that we are involved with a running club like the Thurrock Nomads”

Chris Milne the worthy winner this year proudly holds the trophy. He managed to cut his way from the back and overtake everyone else in the race despite furious cheating by two nameless slower runners (centre of back row!)

Make the most of this years success Chris, very few people manage to fool the handicapper twice...

Thanks to Teresa, Linda and Dave for standing around in the cold timekeeping (and trying to recognise their clubmembers at the finish...)


The worthy winner of the 2004 XC Handicap Fergie with the exquisitely crafted trophy.

(which is which?)

The intrepid competitors still smiling after their ordeal.

Many thanks to Jackie for timekeeping.